In such a competitive arena, qualification and role identification in the distributive chain is the main value to assure everyone their opportunity to develop.

Aware about this, our company wants to be a point of reference in the market, finding its defined role in the supply chain as a Logistic Company, with more than 450.000 articles always available, that supports  our clients’ distribution chains, giving them the possibility to take from our platforms through an evolved online logistic and management structure.

In fact, we do not have our own commercial network, we do not have agents that cover areas, we just have some executives for the 4 Nielsen areas, who assist and develop synergies with the sector operators.

To absolve this role and keep on developing this dynamics we invested and persist investing in logistic platforms in Europe, now covering 30.000m2, expected to double in the next 24 months.

We speak to:

  • Who wants to be focused on the commercial distribution in his own area without investing in m2;
  • Who wants to offer to their clients innovative systems  for the online consulting of needed goods availability;
  • Who wants to organize deliveries in less than 24h and sometimes also twice per day;
  • Who wants to transform his price competition integrating services;
  • Who wants to evolve his own business.

For all these people Real Sud SpA aims to be not a competitor but a logistic partner.